10-12 kids with counselors, hands in the air, smiling, with paint on their hands




Camp Shomria is a co-ed kibbutz-style, summer camp located in the Catskills. We believe that learning should be hands-on, youth-centered and cooperative. What makes us unique is our culture, which allows campers to create their own world, get a sense of ownership, and feel empowered over their lives and education. Whether it’s improv games or interactive discussions about social issues, our programming lets campers grow into independent, critical thinkers.

Campers participate in swimming, sports, and arts & crafts, in addition to progressive Jewish programming and community involvement. Campers also actively participate in raising organic vegetables in our garden and feeding the chickens on site.

Camp Shomria is supervised and directed by an adult team of experienced educators from the United States and Israel. MiniMosh  is our shortest program for campers entering 3rd and 4th grades to 'test the water'. For more information about our sessions and pricing click here.


Camp Shomria is a humanistic Jewish camp whose values are clearly evident in the activities run for the campers. Campers live in bunks (Tzrifim), that are part of units (Machanot) based on the camper’s grade in school. Grade-based units group together children who are on a similar level socially, physically, and developmentally to optimize everyone’s experience. The ratio of campers to counselors ensures that each camper receives plenty of individual attention and learns to be an active part of our community. 

Our camp focuses on developing a meaningful experience for the Kvutza (age group) through team-building exercises and learning opportunities. We also have camp-wide programming, including sport tournaments, whodunnit mysteries, hikes, and more. Whether the activity is educational, fun, or a creative mix of both, the counselors at Camp Shomria plan and execute amazing activities guaranteed to promise your camper a great summer!

campers' parents tell

"Camp Shomria and Hashomer Hatzair have impacted every single aspect of my life as an adult - from the profession I chose, to my continued pursuit of social justice, to the way I have raised my daughters. One of things I am proudest of is the privilege of being involved with Hashomer Hatzair for more than five decades, as a chanicah, madricha, rosh ken, mazkirat tnuah, member of a garin to Kibbutz Harel and parent of three shomrot. The vision of the first shomrimot is still being realized - working for socialism, Zionism and a strong humanitarian connection to Judaism, and above all, continuing to honor the power of youth to achieve these ideals."

Efrat Levy
alum and parent

"I have been sending my children to Camp Shomria for the past four years. They absolutely love it! My kids tend to be on the shyer side and I was concerned about them making friends. They not only made friends, but I am pretty sure these are going to be life-long friends. They attend each other's Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, they have activities all through the year including the weekends away in the winter and in the fall. ​I am so excited that I found a camp where they feel comfortable, learn, and have lots of fun. Sending my children to Camp Shomria was one of the best things I could do for them."

Judy Migliaccio