The summer Hanhaga consists of the Head Counselors, who are democratically elected by the entire Hadracha body. Each has had at least 3 years of counselor experience before taking on this role. They guide the rest of the counselors in programming, keep things running smoothly at camp, and work closely with the Camp Director and Education Director to create a shared vision for the summer.


Our counselors have been carefully selected by the Hanhaga, in coordination with the Education and Camp Director. All Hadracha members participate in a training week before our campers arrive. This on-site training includes workshops led by upper staff, as well as professional speakers (in the fields such as education, psychology, social work, and more). Nearly all of our Hadracha are camp graduates, who return year after year to give back and work with the community they grew up with. They go through a two-part CIT program:

During their last summer as campers, they spend time learning about the history of our camp and movement. Then, they have a ‘hadracha seminar’, in which they learn about educational theory and responsibility. 

During their first summer as counselors, they have a “First Year Hadracha” program. The age group continues learning with more tangible skills and discussion forums. It is important for us that our camp-members continue learning and improving even after they’ve graduated camp.

Summer Shlichut

We have a group of experienced educators coming from Israel during the summer. They guide and provide support specifically for counselors of the younger age groups (chalutzim).