A Stronger and More
Courageous Movement

Hashomer Hatzair USA in its Second Century

What if the best years are yet to come? 

In the past century, Hashomer Hatzair USA has encouraged youth to build progressive Jewish values, explore connections to Israel and the Jewish community, and develop a commitment to social, environmental, and economic justice in a setting characterized by youth leadership and collective responsibility.

As a movement, we have taught "tikkun olam" and "hagshama atzmit ve' olamit" for over 100 years. We've had 77 Mosh Kayitz in Liberty, NY where we've passed on our morals that derive primarily from our sense of responsibility and respect to humankind, to generations of chanichimot.

Imagine what could be in the next 77 summers...and beyond. What if, in the face of today's world where there is so much uncertainty and fear, our influence can grow even greater?

We have an exciting vision for the next 100 years. We aim to build a more vibrant youth movement in the U.S., grow our camper registration and upgrade our beautiful moshava. 
We are so grateful to have so much support from our community, and when we look towards this 100th year, we are excited to think of what could be possible...

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Chanichimot donations

We've asked chanichimot during Mosh Choref 2023 what they would like to donate to Hashomer Hatzair USA in honor of our 100th Year Anniversary. Here are their answers: