Mosh Choref


We had snow much fun at mosh choref 2024

Thank you everyone who joined us at this year's Mosh Choref!

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Mosh Choref Packing List

This list is a guide to help you prepare for the needs of your child/children at Winter Camp. You may make changes, but you are encouraged not to over-pack. Please do not pack unnecessary clothing or expensive items, which may be damaged during every day camp usage. Camp Shomria will not be responsible for any lost or damaged personal belongings of campers. Please do not send valuable items to camp, including items of sentimental value, as campers tend to lose or damage those sorts of items.

All Clothing, towels and sheets must be marked with the child's first and last names.


- Blanket /Sleeping bag 

- Sheet 

- Fitted Sheet 

- Pillow 

- Towel

Clothing - LOTS OF LAYERS!

- Pajamas 

- Socks (WARM SOCKS)

- Underwear 

- T-shirts 

- White clothing/Chultza Shomrit for Shabbat 

- Long jeans or sturdy pants (WARM ONES)

- Sweatshirts or warm sweaters 


- Toothbrush & toothpaste

- Shampoo, conditioner, soap

- Comb/brush

- Hygiene products


- Water bottle  

- Bug repellent

- Flashlight

-Warm Hat, Gloves, and coat

- Sunglasses


- Waterproof shoes/sandals (for the shower)

- Sneakers/closed walking shoes (Mandatory)

-Warm Boots

​Optional items:

- Books, games, cards

- Notepad, journal

- Instruments, sports

Not Allowed

- SCREENS: any phones, ipads, etc will be taken and kept with staff. Please do not bring any to camp 

- No drugs, alcohol, smoking devices: they will be confiscated and will review disciplinary measures for the camper

- No weapons such as knives, firecrackers, slingshots, etc