Israel Programs


Yedid is Hashomer Hatzair North America's month-long trip in Israel. The trip represents the end of a yearlong process of hadracha/counselor training, and an entry into the next stage of Hashomer Hatzair and Camp Shomria. After completion of the Yedid program, participants will be leaders in the movement, madrichim/counselors for other chanichim/campers, and will have entered into a new stage of their kvutza/group.  

**Going on Yedid does NOT make one ineligible for participation in Taglit-Birthright.

Shnat Hachshara

Shnat Hachshara is our Gap Year Program that will give you the opportunity to actually live in Israel and become an integral part of Israeli society. You will get to know the people, experience a different lifestyle, speak the Hebrew language, and understand the many challenges that Israeli society faces. You will look deeper into yourself, grow and develop as an individual and as part of a group (along with international members of Hashomer), discover new aspects of yourself, and examine your identity as an American Jew.


Hashomer Hatzair and Habonim Dror co-created a Birthright program: Exploring Israel as a Shared Society. Join a (free!) trip to Israel to meet with diverse people from across the country, learn about youth movements there, and have fun!

Achvat Amim

Solidarity of Nations - Achvat Amim is a movement-building platform that provides frameworks and programs for young adults to engage in meaningful partnerships with Israelis and Palestinians in the movement for self-determination for all.  We engage with community justice struggles at the intersections of Jewishness, feminism, racial justice, and solidarity. Founded by Hashomer Hatzair Alumni!