Yedid Program

Our Signature Leadership Adventure

Yedid is Hashomer Hatzair North America's month-long trip in Israel. The trip represents the end of a yearlong process of hadracha (counselor) training, and an entry into the next stage of Hashomer Hatzair and Camp Shomria. Chanichim (participants) will explore the many sides of Israel, their Jewish heritage, and role in the youth movement. We strive to balance the fun of touring and hiking, with the substance of Zionism, identity formation, and education. The program is designed to form a strong bond to Israel and the Jewish peoplehood through our unique 'shomeric' educational approach.

Another important focus of our Yedid program is to give the participants an opportunity to meet other shomrim from around the world. Given the fact that we have branches in over 27 countries, the group will spend time with our European counterparts in our nature-survival camp and educational training seminar. Participants will get a global perspective on the youth movement in addition to forming cross-cultural bonds with shomrim their age.

We expect our participants to return home with the passion and motivation to continue the movement that they've grown up in. They will follow a hundred-year-old tradition of youth-led education with an understanding of a variety of topics (i.e. Israeli history, modern Israeli society, progressive Zionism, Judaism, cooperative community building) and will gain the confidence to be our future leaders.

Participants of Yedid will:
• Gain an understanding of Jewish history, heritage, and culture in Israel's past and present
• Understand Zionism’s connection to the values of Hashomer Hatzair
• Strengthen their connection to Israel
• Gain insight into the complexities of Israeli society and the challenges of coexistence
• Understand the role of youth movements in the creation of the state and their role today
• Strengthen their overall involvement and confidence in the movement
• Develop a sense of the Hashomer Hatzair World Movement

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- July 29: Leaving Mosh + flight to Bulgaria.

- July 29 - August 4: World Movement Counselor Training seminar in Bulgaria. During the Hadracha Seminar, the North American Shomrimot have the opportunity to meet their peers from Europe in a leadership training course. The seminar is run (both educationally and technically) by a big group of professionals who are part of the World Movement Hanhaga. The seminar provides both knowledge and tools about Hashomer Hatzair in the world and how to become a good Madricha or Madrich.

- August 4: Flight to Israel

- August 4 - August 23: Trip throughout Israel in a "Shomeric lense". Traveling North to South and engaging with Israel as a multi layered society full of history, culture and dilemmas through a variety of topics (i.e. Israeli history, modern Israeli society, progressive Zionism, secular Judaism, cooperative community building).

-August 23: Flight home.

For more information about the trip or the educational process before it, please contact

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