Achvat Amim - Solidarity of Nations

Achvat Amim-Solidarity of Nations is an organization founded by alumni of Hashomer Hatzair North America. Their flagship program is a 5-month immersion experience for anyone ages 20-30. This is a framework for meaningful volunteer work with educational, community, and human rights organizations, doing grassroots work with Israelis and Palestinians in and around Jerusalem.

Participants volunteer in individualized placements, while traveling extensively, and learning with leaders in the field. Together, we build a dynamic learning community in which we explore and shape Jewish culture and identity as individuals and as part of a greater whole. Achvat Amim focuses on developing practical skills in community building, organizing, and education through immersive volunteer projects and engaging with social change and human rights movements. We engage with the challenging realities on the ground in Israel and the West Bank and take an active role in building on our rich history and traditions. 

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