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Camp Shomria 2024 summer delegations

Learn about our exciting summer initiatives below!

Ajyal-Shomria Summer Delegation

We are excited to introduce the Ajyal-Shomria Summer Delegation, where Camp Shomria's commitment to fostering a shared society and partnership between Jews and Arabs meets Ajyal Movement's expertise in providing leadership training for Arab youth in Israel.

One of the most pressing challenges in Israel, and even more after October 7, is the deep divide between its Jewish majority and Arab minority. This lack of meaningful contact leaves people vulnerable to stereotypes about “the other” and prevents the creation of a true, authentic shared society. The Ajyal-Shomria Summer Delegation offers a rare and unique opportunity to bridge these divides, showing young American Jews and Arab Israelis that peace, equality, and understanding are tangible realities they can actively contribute to.

Our program aims to fundamentally change the way young Israeli Arabs and Jewish Americans relate to Israel, to each other, and to their own abilities to make a difference through immersive experiences and leadership development. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about each other, break down harmful stereotypes, and build trust, tolerance, and respect. Additionally, the program empowers individuals to become leaders for the idea of Shared Society in their respective communities.

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Gaza Envelope Summer Delegation

Hashomer Hatzair USA is part of the global Hashomer Hatzair movement, headquartered in Israel, where it has established numerous kibbutzim. Recent events on October 7th severely impacted kibbutzim near Gaza, causing hardship for our communities in Israel. As we are committed to our community worldwide, we're launching the Gaza Envelope Delegation Project to provide support and solidarity to these communities. The delegation will consist of fifteen Israeli 10th-11th graders who are part of the Hashomer Hatzair movement and live in kibbutzim in the Gaza Envelope that have been evacuated. The delegation aims to offer the Israeli participants relief from the stresses of this e aftermath and the ongoing war, and engage in a restorative and supportive experience. Many of the delegation participants are survivors of or have lost family members and/or friends in the October 7th attacks. 

Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.