Shnat Hachshara

Shnat Hachshara, which means 'Year of Training' in Hebrew, is a year of individual growth and exploration in which participants learn all sorts of life skills, things about themselves, and how to negotiate life with greater independence. That said, Shnat is also about participating in a collective- the Shnat Kvutza- and about being part of a movement forum. This means that the process of independence, individual growth and discovery is connected to and supported by the other members of the group and the madrichim (guides) of the kvutza.

The program aims to put the participants in the position to be able to consciously make the choice about whether and how they want to continue in the movement. Alongside giving participants tools to be able to do well in the world in general,– fostering critical thought, learning about Israel, politics and Judaism, functioning in groups as well as taking care of oneself independently, Shnat provides the tools and a forum for exploring the next steps and potential paths for continuing to build one’s life consciously.

Explore the Real Israel
Volunteer alongside Israelis from all backgrounds
Engage with social justice movements and learn about the political, social, and economic conversations at the core of Israeli society
Learn Hebrew
Experience Kibbutz life and urban socialist living
Work for social justice in Israeli society and apply it globally
Live with Shomrim*ot from all over the world
Experience daily life as a member of the Hashomer Hatzair community and world movement
Build lifelong friendships with Shomrim*ot from Israel and all over the world
Explore your Jewish identity and deepen your understanding of secular and humanistic Jewish culture ​

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