We take pride in our kitchen staff! All of our food is made in house from scratch and we avoid using processed food. We serve three meals a day and snacks in between.  Our kitchen is a hybrid of the American and Israeli cuisines. We try to source food locally, and use our own vegetables and eggs in the food! 

Kitchen staff is a mix of professionals, alums and parents that together work hard to produce great food! We cater for common food allergies and diets; gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian, vegan and we make the effort to make sure every camper gets food they like. (In some cases parents are required to help us with some special products if we can't get them from our suppliers) our food is "Kosher Style" which means we do not use pork or shellfish and we do not serve dairy and meat at the same meal.

Camp Shomria has a 1:4 camper to counselor and 1:10 camper to senior staff.

Camp Shomria is free of cellphones and other electronics. Please respect our policy and do not send your children with them. All cell phones will be stored in the camp's office and returned to campers upon departure. 

Email: Send an email to shomriaemail@gmail.com, with your child’s name as the subject. We print them out 3x a week and give it to them.

Mail: We love going old school with snail-mail, and kids love getting letters! We recommend packing envelopes and stamps for your child so they can respond: 

Camp Shomria

52 Lake Marie Rd

Liberty NY 12754

 Each kvutza (age group) has a "laundry day" once a week.  They drop off their laundry in the morning at the laundry room and pick it up at the end of the day. Please don't forget to pack a large laundry bag.

Campers sleep in Tzrifim (cabins). In each cabin there will be a madriach (counselor) over 18 sleeping with the kids. Our tzrifim are simple wooden cabins. Bathrooms are located in dedicated buildings in three locations around camp. Campers should bring their own bedding and sleeping bags.

We provide transportation on the first and last day of camp.

On July 4th (First Day):

NYC: Leaves from Marlene Meyerson JCC at 10:45 AM.

334 Amsterdam Ave at, W 76th St, New York, NY 10023

NJ: Leaves from JCC on the Palisades at 10:45 AM.

411 E Clinton Ave, Tenafly, NJ 07670

Please arrive by 10:30 so the buses can leave on time. 

If you plan to drop off your child at camp please be there between 1:00-2:00

On August 1st (Last Day):

​Campers will be picked up from camp at 10:00 AM.

First drop off: JCC on the Palisades 411 East Clinton Ave, Tenafly NJ at 11:30-12:00 pm. 

Second drop off: Marlene Meyerson JCC; 344 Amsterdam Ave at W76th St, NYC

If you plan to pick up your child from camp please arrive by 10:00

Kuppa in Hebrew means "cash register". At camp however, Kuppa refers to the collective funds of each age group. It is one of the tools through which we implement cooperative living at camp. We ask parents to donate a minimum of $20 to their child's kuppa. The money is used for special treats as decided by the kvutza (age group). Each camper can give his Madrich/a the kuppa money at the beginning of the session.

Yes! Camp Shomria has a nurse onsite 24/7. All medical issues are taken care of by the camp's nurse at the Mirpaah (infirmary). Every camper must have a complete medical form on file and all of the medications will be kept at the infirmary. Campers will come to the infirmary to get routine medications or when they are sick or injured. In case the nurse cannot provide help on site she will set an appointment with a local pediatrician or will refer the camper to the hospital. They will notify the parents as soon as possible and get their input unless it's an emergency. A camper who gets treatment outside of camp will be accompanied by a staff member at all times. We will do our best to keep parents updated, though medical information will be communicated only by the professionals (nurses or doctors). Upon a camper's return to camp the nurse will follow the physician's instructions and will make a follow-up call to the parents. Camp Shomria follows all of New York State's health regulations regarding policies and staff certification requirements. Every camper, counselor, and member of our staff is checked for lice and other common medical issues upon arrival.

Camp Shomria is located in an area of the country that has a dense population of ticks, including the deer tick. It is the deer tick that is responsible for the transmission of Lyme disease. These ticks are often found in woody and overgrown brush areas. We take special care to limit the potential of attracting ticks:

Signage: We have signs around camp explaining how to identify ticks

Actions: Campers must wear closed shoes and socks whenever in nature or on the farm. Counselors are trained to do tick checks every night with campers. We make it fun, with a tick-check song sung at random points throughout the day! 

Prevention: Ticks are largely present in high grass. At Camp Shomria, there is someone mowing the lawn at all times to keep the grass low, and we clear paths and brush areas. Before campers arrive, we spray the grounds with tick repellent.

If a tick is noticed and removed within a 24-36 hour period the likelihood of getting Lyme disease is significantly decreased. The Camp Nurse is knowledgeable in matters related to ticks, including proper tick removal and post exposure treatment.