Mandatory Forms for Summer Camp

Before we enjoy the summer, let's get some paperwork out of the way. In order for your child to attend camp, you must complete the following forms by May 15th, 2024. Please upload/complete them through our registration platform, CampBrain.

Please note, campers that do not have all forms completed before the start of camp, will not be allowed at camp. This paperwork helps ensure that we have all the information needed to best support your child and give them the best experience possible this summer.

To complete online("Forms" section)

  1. Medical Form 1: This is a health history form, and medical waiver. It includes immunization history, but you may upload a separate immunization document from your physician. 
  2. Campership Form: Other information we should know about your camper - from their t-shirt size to cabin preference, and participation agreement.

To complete at home and upload: ("Paperwork" section)

  1. Medical Form 2: To be completed & signed by your camper's physician; they must have a physical done in the 12 months preceding camp. No snapshots - clear scans only please! 
  2. Insurance card: please upload both sides of your camper's health insurance. If you live abroad, you must upload proof of traveller health insurance.
  3. Pharmacy Card (Optional): If you have a pharmacy card, please upload a clear legible picture. 
  4. Immunization Record:  Immunization records can be submitted two ways: either by uploading them in your campbrain account, or filling out the information in the Online Medical Form 1. 

If you have any questions, please contact

If you are looking for instructions about the Staff Medical Forms, click here.