Anniversary Events

Celebrating 100 Years of Hashomer Hatzair USA

100th Year Anniversary

Summer Reunion

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Peulat Avodah

May 5-7th

Every year, a group of alumni come up to our beautiful moshava during early May to re-open mosh for camp season!

100th anniversary Mesiba

April 29th, 6:00-9:00 PM

"For I'm a shomer/et can't you see".

More Events

Hanukkah Gifts

This past Hanukkah, we celebrated together and gifted you all 8 shomeric gifts for each candle! Gifts included spotify playlists, peulot sheet for chevrutot and for the whole family, candle lighting dedications, and more!

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Masa Le'Polin

This past Spring, Shomrimot from all over the world travelled to Poland to learn about our Movement's role in the Holocaust Resistance.