Hanukkah with Hashomer Hatzair

8 Nights, 8 Candles, 8 Gifts.

This Hanukkah, we will be sending out different Shomeric gifts every night as part of our 100th Year Anniversary. Check back in for more updates!


Eighth Candle

Happy Eighth Night of Hanukkah! For this last night, we thought we would dedicate the final candle to our incredible movement herself. We've created a video and excerpt all about the beautiful 100 years of Hashomer Hatzair USA.

We recommend reading the text first before watching the video as they are connected, so sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy!

Read the text here! 

Seventh Candle

Happy Seventh Night of Hanukkah and Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate! Saturday nights at mosh are known best for Havdalah! Cozy bonfires at the chava, chanichimot and hadracha singing songs and telling stories...and that's exactly what we want to gift you with tonight! We've asked shomrimot throughout the generations to sing a song and tell us their favorite mosh stories, and made a playlist for you to enjoy this Saturday night. Nothing beats having Havdalah at mosh, but hopefully this will come close!

Send us your special Havdalah story/song and we will add it to the playlist: HH100yearkickoff@gmail.com 

Sixth Candle

Happy Sixth Night of Hanukkah! It's quiz time!! We've created an online quiz all about Camp Shomria and Hashomer Hatzair USA to test how much you REALLY know about your favorite place in this world... Good luck everyone!

Click Here to Start the Quiz! 

Fifth Candle

Happy Fifth Night of Hanukkah! As a gift for this night, we've asked shomrim ve shomrot from all generations to dedicate a candle to the community. We've lit up four candles, and the fifth one is left for you to dedicate!

Watch the Candle Dedications Here: 


Dedicate your own candle to the rest of the community here: 


Fourth Candle

Happy fourth night of Hanukkah shomrimot! It's finally time for Hevruta night!!

A hevruta, one might wonder, is a gathering of two or more people who wish to discuss certain topics. We've created a peula sheet for you and your mosh friends to do just that!

For those of you who signed up ahead of time, you should've been paired up with your partner by now, reach out to them and find a time to connect over these thoughts! (Click to download) 

Third Candle

Happy third night of Hanukkah chaverim ve chaverot! Tonight, we want to gift a little something for the whole family to enjoy...A FUN SHOMERIC FAMILY ACTIVITIES PACKET!!! Word searches, crossword puzzles, coloring pages and more, download the link below, print, and enjoy with the whole family! 

Shomeric Family Packet

Second Candle

Happy second night of Hanukkah shomrimot! We are especially excited to gift you this awesome - one of a kind - original Hashomer Hatzair USA spotify playlist! This playlist is made up of the favorite rikud and shira songs of shomrim and shomrot throughout the generations! So click, sit back, and enjoy :) 


First Candle

Happy first night of Hanukkah everyone! If you haven't already, send us your mailing address so we can gift you a special 100 year anniversary Hashomer gift :) Here is a special message from Assaf Galin, our central shaliach, for the first night of Hanukkah: