Spotlight: Sarah Weber on Yedid

My name is Sarah Weber. I joined Mosh in 2016 when I decided to go to Lag Ba'Omer before the summer started just to try it out. I loved the experience and because of that, I was officially a chanicha that summer when I entered Chalutzim Gimmel, 5 years ago. I have had such amazing experiences at Mosh, and I went on Yedid this past summer in preparation for my first summer being a part of hadracha. 

I learned so much from going on the Yedid trip. First and foremost I learned how to be independent. I learned how to deal with the struggles in my way and to talk about things that were bothering me with the people I trusted. I learned to take risks as the outcomes were so fun and exciting.

My favorite aspect of Yedid was bonding with my kvutzah. Yedid undeniably brought us all closer as we spent so much time together, exploring numerous new and unfamiliar things. Another part of Yedid that was so special was meeting people who came from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds. Meeting people from Israel, Austria to Barcelona who were all part of the Hashomer Hatzair World Movement was an experience I will never forget.

The advice I would give to someone who is going on Yedid this summer is to be open. I came into it very close minded and realized that the mindset I had would not get me far. Be open to trying new things and meeting new people as those are two frequent occurrences. And yes, it will get hot and you will get tired but remember that is the whole experience as you will learn so much more about yourself and the people around you.


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