Yom Mosh 2023

Celebrate Mosh's Birthday

On June 21, 1945 ...

The property in Liberty, NY became Camp Shomria. We are making this our special day of giving. Please consider joining a team that is working toward taking on some projects that need attention. This campaign will take place through the 100 year reunion weekend, July 14th - 16th. 

Yom Mosh Projects

Shia (Stacy) loved the Moshava and her kvutzah and looked forward to every summer. We will always picture her playing guitar on the soccer field.

The Snyder Family
Donated $2,500 to the renovation of Shia's Pagoda

We think the greatest commemoration of Josh at Mosh would be to collect guitars (and/or donation to buy guitars and other related equipment) and create The Josh Project. A program where each summer, alumni and hadracha would teach guitar to chanichimot, madrichimot, and anyone else who wants to learn! The goal of this program would be to help support a new generation of guitarists and musicians who love playing, singing and leading shira at Mosh – and to commemorate Josh’s love of music and the moshava.

The Josh Project
Kvutzat Shomrat, 1980's

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