About Camp:
Spend the summer in the lush, green Catskill Mountains of New York and become a part of the historic Camp Shomria family; we’ve been camping together since 1928. Camp Shomria is a unique, small, non-religious progressive-Jewish camp of about 120 campers, ages 7 – 17, who share responsibility for chores and day-to-day camp functions. We are a tight-knit community of friends that is welcoming and encouraging to new-comers from every background and of every identity. Fun at camp includes learning about current events and social issues, Israeli and American-style dance and music, evening camp-fires and cook-outs, arts and crafts, creating plays, and competing in sports. Everyone loves our Friday night non-traditional shabbat celebration.

Position Summary:
We are looking for a responsible and communicative person to help out with meal preparation. This job is ideal for college students looking to have fun and make some money in the summer- we can also work with your university make it an internship. If you have camp-age kids, they can attend our camp as a work-exchange. You'll work on a team, led by the Camp Chef, to prep and cook delicious meals for everyone! Our camp has a small farm, where we source eggs and some vegetables for farm-to-table style dining.  Our camp is a tight-knit community and we are excited for you to join!

During Camp (June 25- August 1):
● Attend Kitchen Staff meetings, to go over meal prep for the day and week
● Work in shifts (shift timing depends on the meal) to prepare 3 Meals + 1 Snack a day
  • Working with food, knives, machinery, etc
  • You do not need to serve or take on heavy cleaning duties
●  Help unload deliveries 1x week

Join a fun and welcoming community for the summer, spending time out doors, and in staff hang-outs! You can use our facilities including pool, farm, arts and crafts room, trails, sports, and more! Get to know other people from around the world.

Duration: June 25-August 1
This is made up of staff training week (June 25-July 3; 50 people) and summer camp (July 4-August 1; 150-200 people). 
  • Facilities: Camp Shomria is rustic, rugged, and committed to a screen-free, out-door experience for campers. You'll have free wi-fi, a mini-fridge shared with other staff, and personal quarters inside the staff living area. We welcome you to join our camp community, through evening activities, getting to know people, and competing in our annual sports tournament.
  • HoursWorking hours are determined by the meal plan, in agreement with the Chef. You will have at least 1.5 days off a week

This summer, due to covid, we are following a Safe Bubble policy, keeping a closed campus. Please reach out if you have questions about how this works. 

To apply or for any questions, please email Lior:
You may be requested to provide references