Update from Ukraine 02/25

Dear friends

Here is a current update

We have succeeded to help numerus shomrim*ot and their families

They are ok, very frightened and confused

Some where able to cross the border to Poland and are staying in apartments we have prepared for them. Others are on their way to the western part of Ukraine where we currently looking for housing. 

Men are no longer aloud to leave Ukraine so many will stay in the country

Credit cards do not work and there is no money in the ATMs, so we are looking for ways to bring cash money to the cities. Also fuel is hard to find and there is not enough fuel to drive the long distances needed to go west or to leave the country.

The Israeli movement will open crowd funding in the next few days and the movement in the USA are looking for a way to do the same

The main request of our people is to raise awareness in your countries as they feel isolated and that no one care

Sharing info, sharing stories and protesting in front of Russian embassies will raise their spirit

If you do organize something, please picture it and send to the local Shaliach*a so they can pass it to Anna that will send it to our people in Ukraine

Here is one story of Katya, a member of Hashomer Hatzair in Kharkiv

Chazak ve Ematz!

Here is the story of Katya

A member of Hashomer Hatzair in Kharkiv:

I'm 22 years old, I'm studying to be a doctor, I still have not graduated from university. I am from a large family, with my parents and small children.

We woke up at 5 am from the shock wave in our house

Gathered the most important things and their pets

We persuaded our friends to take us by car and leave (since we do not have personal transport).

We went to the Poltava region to visit our grandparents. Left all their possessions, just ran away from death. All my friends stayed in Kharkov, they live in bomb shelters and the Metro for the second day. I don't know if they still have hope for their lives and their parents. Along the way, I learned from them information about how Russian soldiers fired on the city, bombed them and destroyed them. How civilians were killed point-blank.

Tanks knocked down cars with people who just wanted to leave

We came to our relatives, it was calm there, but we can’t stay, soon the enemies will be there too.

We had to leave all our animals and loved ones there, in the hope that the Russian soldiers would not go there

In the morning I had to leave half of the things and take the most necessary

We encouraged our friends to pick us up, there are 8 of us in a small car

But we're grateful for the chance at life

We heard shots along the way.

Many roads are closed

Yesterday I saw military equipment

Our soldiers are 18 years old

They are so young

There is no fear in their eyes yet

They don't know they're on their way to certain death

None of us deserve this life

We were young, we made plans for the future

My boyfriend stayed in Kharkov, and I won't be able to sleep peacefully while he's there

Due to the mobilization of men from 18-60 years old, they will not be released from Ukraine

Russia has decided that it has the right to take our lives

My friends call roll every hour, when it's quiet, when you hear bombs every minute from bomb shelters.

Some houses in my area where I lived are destroyed

Where peaceful people lived and live

None of us are sure if he will wake up tomorrow

This is the real story of my life

This is what I saw personally and hear from those who, because of anxiety about whom, I cannot sleep for the second day.

Though by coincidence I have a chance at life

And they can't leave

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