Tonight we will share a good story Shabat shalom 03/11

Mom is finally with me!

I am in Israel, and could not come and pick her up. She lived in Kharkov, recently her husband died of the corona, she was left all alone.

I had no idea how to take it out. The woman is aged, does not speak any foreign languages.
She didn't always pick up the phone, she doesn't know how to use whatsapp.
But we managed to find a bus that took my mother first to the Dnieper, then to the border.
I had no connection with her, I communicated only through you. Thanks to Polina, who helped, called her, reassured her.
I liked the phrase "Polina will never left another Polina in trouble!". Every day I waited for your messages that everything is all right with my mother, and in general where she is, and what is happening. The wait was long. But everything worked out! She is at home!

Thanks to Anna and the network of volunteers there are countless sparks of light in this dark era
Chazak ve ematz

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