Today we want to share another story with a happy family reunion!

Hello all

Today we want to share another story with a happy family reunion!

Another successful mission by one of our volunteer (a father of one of our Chanichot)

When the Russian started bombing Kharkiv really hard, we have decided that we had to go urgently. At that time, we thought that everything will be over in a couple of days. Therefore, our cat, our sweet bun was left at home, we asked our neighbor to feed her while we are away.
And since we have left there wasn’t a moment we did not remember her, and didn't worry about how she was there, suffering from all the sirens and bombings.
It's good that the neighbor took her to her place and sent us photos. Of course, she was afraid, most of the time she hid under the wardrobe and or the bed.
But are staying in western Ukraine for almost 10 days, and apparently we will stay here for a long time. Therefore, all the time we thought about how to bring our beauty princess.
It is dangerous to return to the city, people leave in loaded cars, no one wanted to go somewhere for a cat, and this is very understandable.
But there are still people who understand the importance of having the main family member with us!
Today we have such amazing news, our sweet bun, has arrived. after a very stressful day, probably the scariest day of her life. Of course, she is still angry, not acting like herself, but regardless, we will love and stroke even more.
I'm angry at myself for choosing to leave her behind. But at least we managed to reunite.

I know that volunteers in the cities are trying to feed the runaway and abandoned animals, but still, my heart aches for everyone.
Chazak ve Ematz!

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