Today Anna (the head of the Russian speaking countries desk in HH) shares a paragraph from her diary

Hello all
And today from Anna's (the head of the Russian speaking countries desk in HH) diary:

Photo from our volunteer center in Kharkiv, our volunteers are very proud of their work.

When a huge truck with humanitarian aid arrives in Ukraine, sometimes it seems that half the work is done.
But another process begins.
Everything must be unloaded, sorted by type, and most importantly, sent according to orders.
Some volunteers are engaged in the fact that they communicate with people, ask what they need and make lists. People are very modest, and are often embarrassed to ask for what is needed.
Other volunteers work in the warehouse. Receive and distribute goods.
Third ones, our brave shaliahs, who are not afraid to travel around the city, even in moments of air attacks and shootings, and bring the necessary food, medicine and hygiene products to those who need it so much.
This is usually the hardest one. Roads have been destroyed in many areas, and there is danger throughout the day.
But the end result is definitely worth the effort.
The city continues to live even in such a black period of its life.

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