The testimony of our chanich Yura

Hello all.
This is the testimony of our chanich Yura:

Unfortunately, we are used to living already in a state of war.
She is no longer shocked. This is the reality in which you have to live.
We moved from Western Ukraine to the small city of Lutsk, which is closer to Lviv. Just in case, it's safer here.
Who could - went abroad, I, of course, have no right, as a man of military age.
For some reason, it became a symbol of acceptance that I had to buy a large pack of washing powder. This means that we will be here for a while longer.
There is no longer an illusion that the war will end soon, and we will be able to return to our lovely Kharkov.
No matter how sad it is to realize, but you have to try to build a life here.
Anyone who can - works online. But not everyone has this opportunity.
There were fewer order, and productivity felt.
Children are trying to study online in schools. I thought recently that those who are in cities with hostilities - instead of school calls, they have air attack sirens.
There are not so many people on the streets, and you understand that there are many refugees around, only by car numbers from other regions.
I see many young families with children. As I understand it, the majority of older people stayed at home, they are afraid or do not want to evacuate.
Compared to the small towns where we used to be, Lutzk even has its own life. Stores are open, even some flowers have been planted.
So you have to be happy with the little things.
And to dream that we will leave home before the washing powder runs out.

Chazak ve Ematz!

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