The story of Nikolai, our volunteer in Kharkov

Hello all
This is the story of Nikolai, our volunteer in Kharkov.

If you remember my life more than a month ago and now, these are two big differences. I couldn't sleep, eat, work.

I used to get up and walk every day at work. And today I get up, and I think where will I go today. Help in the hospital, sort products in the warehouse or deliver orders to those in need.
I'm also a hairdresser, I cut people's hair all day long. It's been a month now, and many have already grown over this time. And I help people to be beautiful and comfortable all this time, I never thought that my profession would be so useful in wartime. People get in the way of hair and want to be comfortable doing their important things. I have a lot of military guys, doctors.
Every day I go to important places and cut people's hair. And then I help in warehouses and with the delivery of products.
This is my mission.
Everyone is investing in this victory as best they can. I can do that.
It is very important for me that I do not only work with scissors. Anya writes to me - honey, I need to take food to my our elders. Or insulin to a sick child. And I do it after work. And this is my contribution to our victory. With great joy.
Everyone does what they can. Soon we will win. I know. We all know.
Until then, I'll do what I can.

Chazak ve Ematz!

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