The story of Ilona

Hello all

We want to share with great excitement the story of Ilona. Our volunteers helped uniting her family:

The family is finally united!
In such terrible moments of life, most of all I want to be close to loved ones.
And when you leave your home, or rather what is left of it, you really want to be together as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, we cannot travel abroad. My husband and father are military age and we don't want to leave them here alone.
We arrived in western Ukraine. It's safer here
Unfortunately, at first the parents did not want to leave Kharkiv, everyone believed that everything would be over soon.
But they continued to bomb every day, it became more and more difficult to get food ... and finally they decided. They didn’t have a car, so the question was how we would take them out. It was very difficult. Exit buses at some point cost a lot of money. There were no seats in the cars, either one at a time, that is, again the family would not be together. After 6 days when we couldn't sleep, mom and dad finally arrived!
Thank you for helping with transport and reassuring all the way!
Now it will be calmer!

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