Another example for the work our network of volunteers is doing during those hard days

Shavua Tov!

Another example for the work our network of volunteers is doing during those hard days.
Yura our activist didn't hesitate to come and help
Chazak ve Ematz!

The last thing I want to think about is dates and how long we have been in this state. The war has been going on for the third week, the third week! More recently, we were in our apartment in Kharkov, made repairs, rejoiced. But life changed in a moment. We wanted to visit our brother in Israel, we were waiting for the requirements for vaccinations to be lifted in March, because my husband could not do them for health reasons. But instead of this desired journey, we had to throw some things into the car and drive out of our beloved city under shelling. We didn't know where we were going, where it was safe. At first there was a feeling that we had to drive off a little, wait, and it would all be over. But everything got worse and worse. They bombed the main square, shopping centers, universities, residential buildings. No one knew where to go, constantly had to turn around and change the route. Either they bombed the road, then they say that they are shooting at cars, then roadblocks. We decided to go to western Ukraine. They were spinning for several days, sleeping the devil knows where. It's quieter there. It was not clear where to live. Especially with a small child. Thanks to your boy for helping, finding the place we rented. Then two more families came to us, they were also allowed to live with us. We live in such a community. In crowded but not mad. Everything is better than in the remnants of my hometown. Where next, we don't know. My husband will not be released, he is of military age. I want to be together, and hope that this will all end soon. It's the only thing we have left...
We will keep on finding safe appartments and rent them for families to find a safehaven

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