Anna our Russian speaking countries desk coordinator shares what she is dealing with

Hello all.
Today we will share one of the many situations that Anna our Russian speaking countries desk coordinator was dealing with, in her own words:

At that moment, when a call or a new message in WhatsApp or a Telegram from an unknown number rings out on my phone, I know that this is hardly an old friend who remembered me, or the delivery of something pleasant.
This is almost always the person who asked for help.
He is in a difficult situation right now. He or his relatives is faced with a problem that they cannot cope with on their own.
So,It was a difficult case. It was necessary to evacuate an elderly man who cannot walk by himself. He lived on the 15th floor in a building with elevator, but he hasn't work. Needed to take it out on a chair, because 15 floors with a stretcher are unrealistic to go through. Plus luggage and a cat.
Men are not allowed into the train station, so that they do not secretly leave the city. There's a huge amount of people there. Everyone is pushing, there is not enough free space, everyone is with things.
As a result, we managed to find volunteers there as well.
In the end, everything is fine, the family went to a safer city. But of course everyone experienced stress. Especially the cat.

And just like that, this little epic ended.
Everyone has arrived, everyone is happy.
A few days pass - and again I see an WhatsApp notification, but from a familiar number.
Heart drops. What happened? Is everyone alive? Has something terrible happened?
But you open the message... and you read: sorry Anna, we don't want to disturb you, but what if your magical volunteers can help...
We just forgot some very important documents in a hurry... in case someone can pick them up and hand them over.
I want to jump and be happy.
Yes, of course! Such a simple request! No need to turn the world upside down to help a person!
In a few hours the documents are on their way.
And the volunteer Kolya, who is responsible for the operation, says later: well, it was quite simple. Usually you have to get something that does not exist, look for people about we don't know nothing, or get the moon from the sky.

And we rejoice. Another person received at least a modicum of support and help. And it's so much.
P.s. the screenshot says
-thanks! The size of three elephants at once!
-meow when you get the documents.l))))
- Thanks to you and the wonderful volunteer.
We'll let you know.
And this is your greetings from the cat, which we evacuated under the arm. She is here with us, in Lviv.

P.p.s. here it is - for the sake of what we do it all. For the sake of all the kitties being happy and saying hello.

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