A testimony of two of our volunteers Olya and Lena

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Here is a testimony of two of our volunteers Olya and Lena

One of the most difficult deliveries is the city of Volchansk, Kharkiv region. A small town, almost on the border with Russia. Now it is under the control of Russia. People there live in a very difficult situation, under constant shelling and lack of understanding of what is happening. How to live and what to do next. But at least - there are no products, there is no life, there is almost no Internet. Only shelling and fear for their lives. Those who could not leave - are united together. The city is half gone, there are not many families left. We brought food, medicines. It was difficult to get there, check points, russian and Ukrainians. I feel, that we were saved by Ukrainian music. Pyatnitza, Boombox, other bands. You understand that life is, in all its manifestations. That the dark days will pass and you will look to a brighter future.
Chazak ve Ematz!


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