A testimony from our volunteers Olya and Nikita.

Hello all

Here is a testimony from our volunteers Olya and Nikita.

It was a very difficult delivery case.
Village "Lesnoy", near Kharkov.
This is a suburb, there are mostly private houses. Most of them are currently destroyed. Many residents left their homes and evacuated. Everybody who could - went abroad
Many houses have no electricity or water because of the war.
There is constant bombing on the territory of the village, it is unsafe to just leave your house and go out into the street.
This delivery has been a long time coming.
But in the end, we managed to negotiate with the police to escort the volunteers.
Managed to deliver the electric generator, groceries, daily necessities...
When we arrived to give the order, we were asked to meet on the street, and not go into the house. When we asked why - we where shocked from their answer: "We have a fresh grave in the yard there ..."
We live in such a reality today. But we continue to help people. Because that's the only thing that matters.

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