A testimony from our volunteers in Lviv

Hello all
Here is a testimony from our volunteers in Lviv:

Unfortunately, life in a state of war became a routine.
You get used to the commandant's hour, you get used to listen, do not declare whether the air alarm, you got used not to touch anything on a street.
Read less news, try to work, more and more think about future.

And the process of getting humanitarian aid also became somehow ordinary, like a job.
When we have out there the next parcel?
The guys from the Hashomer Hatzair in Europe send trucks to the warehouse in Poland, then they go to the Lviv, where our hanihim sorted stock them for future directions.

Work on the stock - this is your routine.
-So, here we place canned food, and medicine here, near that wall.
-Put down heavy stuff and diapers - up.
-So, this time we have a lot of animal food, so check on the list of those who have dogs, cats and rabbits.
-What it is, written in Hungarian, how we need to cook it?)
-What wonderful chocolates, I put to one big family with a lot of children.

Tomorrow, the car will leave, and you realize that all of these boxes and packages get to the people who need them. Who can not buy their own food and hygiene items. Tablets for life. Food for pets.
And tomorrow we will do the same, so that our country lived. At least what is a normal life. This is the contribution of each of us.

Chazak ve Ematz!

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