A testimony by Olya

Hello all, today we will share a testimony by Olya, a member of Hashomer Hatzair in Kharkiv and one of our leading volunteer.

And today we were delivering medicines. And on the way to one order we went through one of the largest markets in Kharkiv, Barabashovo.
It used to be one of the places where every Kharkiv citizen knows.
You could buy almost everything there.
From vegetables to exotic goods.
A third of the market turned into ruins.
Broken cars all around.
Some oppressive feeling inside. They are destroying houses, squares, hospitals, universities. Now even the market. A place that was the center of some other life.
I just stood there and remembered how I used to go here with my mother, with my grandmother.
Like going here in school for snacks.
A Place I used to go to for finding gifts for my friends, because you could buy everything there.
And now I'm standing here with packs of insulin, and I can't believe my eyes.
We've been at war for a month now. The new reality gives new landscapes.
In general ... we went further on orders.
I know Kharkov will live. We will survive no matter what!

Chazak ve Ematz!

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