A system of mutual assistance

Hello all
The most interesting thing is how, in almost a month and a half of the war, attitudes towards the assigned tasks change.
That during this time it was possible to build a system of mutual assistance, and some of the tasks that I faced at the very beginning are being solved much faster today.
When at midnight you receive a message that "Vova and his labrador Faust have finally reached the Lviv region, we urgently need to find a place where he can spend the night!" - then you no longer think in a panic where to attach it.
There are rented apartments, our hanihims will take care of everything.
You just think at what address there is a free place, give a contact phone number, and in half an hour the issue is resolved.

At the start of the war, things were different. It is not clear who, how, where, why, where it is completely dangerous, where a little less.

Today, many tasks are solved faster.
Need humanitarian help?
- write what you need, our volunteers will contact you.
Need help were to stay?
- write where you are, how much people, what city, and we will coordinate you.
How to apply for the necessary refugee status? Where to go, what to do?
- now I'm sending a file with detailed instructions, if anything, we will advise in more detail ...
My cat is acting weird...
-here is a list of contacts of volunteer veterinarians in your city, contact them...

The war has taught us to quickly find answers to the most incredible questions...

Chazak ve Ematz!

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