26.02 update from Ukraine

Good news. We've found a way to send money in

Our people got the money. It will be used to rent safe houses in the west (Also for Katya's family), for food, for Gazolin and medicine). The challenge is that it is getting harder to find places to rent. We are looking hard especially in small towns in the west.

People are doing their best to keep their spirits up and are thankful for the love they get from all of you around the world

Chazak ve Ematz!

Here are some words from our people who, with your help, succeeded to reach Poland:

 I don’t know by what miracle we managed to leave for Poland.  It seemed that all the people we meet on the way help us in every way they can.

 It all started on February 23, when we hastily packed our things and decided to go to Kyiv.  In the morning we woke up on the train and found out that the first rockets had flown to Kyiv.  Immediately, messages began to come from friends and relatives that in Kharkov they were awakened by explosions.

 In Kyiv, I was very lucky to get on the train to Poland.  The senior conductor of Intercity took a huge number of people who did not have tickets.  There was no crush and unnecessary panic.  Everyone tried to help each other.

 But we don't want to tell our story.

 Our friends and family are now unable to travel to a safe place.  Running out of food, medicine, gasoline.  People are hiding in houses, bomb shelters, subways.

 We constantly read all the news, including those written by the Russian media.  They report that in Kharkov people went to a rally and say they want to go to Russia.  This is a blatant lie.  At this moment, Kharkov is being shot from hailstones, from artillery weapons.

 All Kharkiv residents who can fight back stand in huge queues at the territorial defense to receive weapons.  Everyone else is hiding to save themselves and their families.  No one is going to rally in support of the Russian invasion now.  These are the aggressors who came to OUR land, to OUR country.  Ukrainians are not happy with them here.  We love our country and our city.  And if you see such untrue news - complain about it, comment.

 Our civilians are being killed.  A children's hospital was bombed in Kharkov.  The largest orphanage in Ukraine was bombed near Kiev.  A kindergarten was bombed in Akhtyrka - 3 adults and 1 child died immediately, 17 were seriously injured, 2 of them were children, one was on the verge of death.  In Mariupol, a hospital was bombed, which provided assistance, including to the injured Russian occupiers.  Huge cannons are set up in the villages and they shoot at other villages.  Rockets are falling in all cities of Ukraine.  And this is only a small part of what is happening.

 It doesn't look like a liberation operation at all.  WE DO NOT NEED TO BE FREE FROM ANYONE EXCEPT THE RUSSIAN OCCUPANTS.  We are killing civilians, killing children.

 The Russian media lie about the fact that there are no casualties on the part of the aggressor.  It's a lie.  Their soldiers are dying.  More than 3 thousand dead soldiers, whose bodies lie on the territory of Ukraine.  What will the Russian government say to their wives, mothers, children when they don't come back from exercises?

 The occupiers are shooting houses.  We receive messages from friends that they hear explosions, shots.

 If you can give someone real information - tell them.  Because our country is now being torn apart by bombs, our children are seeing things they should never have seen.  There is no justification for what the aggressor is doing now.

 No one expected that a country that can quarrel among itself would unite in such a difficult moment.  No one has ever shown such an association.  We are one country, one people.  And if they come at us with a war, we will not give up.

 Now, more than ever, we are proud that we are Ukrainians.

 Politicians whom we used to complain about, stood in one line to protect our country.  Actors, musicians, athletes, who have always been the pride of the country, boldly stand with weapons on its defense.

 Civilians independently stop the military equipment of the occupiers.  If they come to us with weapons, they will be rebuffed.

 Now Ukraine is not afraid.  Now Ukraine will do everything to protect its people, its nationality, its language, its territories.

 Anyone who comes to us with a war will be carried feet first.

 Our military, our citizens only rebuff aggressors and occupiers.  All Russian servicemen who voluntarily surrendered (and there are also a lot of them) received medical assistance.

 People who realized that they attacked us and voluntarily renounced it are not enemies of Ukraine.  They are hostages of the disgusting Russian government.  Many Russian military did not know that they were going to Ukraine with a war.  They were also misinformed.  All those who laid down their arms are now safe.

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