Shalom, dear friends!

We want to tell you about what is happening now. Today at five in the morning Russia attacked Ukraine. No one until the last minute believed that this would happen, and people were not ready. Our ken is located in the city of Kharkov, which is very close to the Russian border.

Kharkov itself and other cities of Ukraine are closed. This means that no one cannot leave the city. Other participants of our ken, with their friends and relatives, are sitting at home, in the subway or in bomb shelters. Explosions and gunfire are constantly heard. Communication and the Internet still works, but it is poor and irregular.

Payment systems do not work on the territory of Ukraine now. ATMs are empty. People, understandably, are very afraid.

What have we been able to do.

Four people, including our shlihimot, managed to leave the city yesterday and are heading towards the border with Poland. The way is long, trains and transport move with big delays, there are huge traffic jams on the roads.

It was possible to transfer financial assistance to them, and organize a place to live in Poland (Wroclaw). We hope that other members will join soon.

We also prepare a place to live in the city of Lviv, Ukraine, which is closer to the Polish border and is safer there.

We hope that at any moment the situation will change, and our fellow Shomrim*ot, will be able to leave the city and evacuate to safer places. We help them with transfers, meals and any other things they need.

Any support is important.

For any questions, you can contact me in private messages

Please share the news among your chanichim*ot and their families.

With hopes for peaceful and calm future.

Chazak ve Ematz!


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