03/06 Update form Ukraine

Hello all

Today we have successfully brought another delivery of food, baby milk formula, medicine, equipment and money to Ukraine

We where privileged to meet Vitalik that took it and will deliver it to those who need it in Lviv and Kharkiv.

Our community and the synergetic wonders that it create are inspiring

Kol hakavod to all of you out there

Chazak ve Ematz

In general :) We catch here saboteurs and marauders, etc.  In one of the districts, which is right now in the main direction of attack at the front (their house is the most extreme and behind it there are already fields and a ring road), that is, everything started from the first days.  They have been in the bunker since the 24th.  Military ZSU from the 92nd brigade.  They took positions in their house.  They fought back for several days and tactically the house is no longer suitable for use as a shelter for troops.  They could leave him and go deep into the area to defend a new line.  But knowing that this girl was there, they refused and remained despite the threat of the collapse of the house.  So one of our people allegedly detained a saboteur and in order to carry him, it was necessary to adjust the car.  One brave driver volunteered who also goes on combat missions every day and wants to help the army because he has a daughter in the basement and he is ready for her, to do anything and fly under bullets.  So it was lucky that he went to pick up that detainee and the military already urged him to leave the building in this car ... As a result, the detainee turned out to be our military man and they took him by mistake, but this gave a chance to take out 6 adults and this girl.  Such a story :)

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