03/05 Update from Ukraine

A statement from our Chaver Denis

 24.02 at 5:30 woke up from the fact that the windows were shaking and explosions were heard.  in that second everything changed.

 Parents' friends called and said to come to our private house in the middle of the city

 They bombed the building in which we celebrated the holiday literally 2 days ago.

 There is no city center...

 Sleepless nights

 Today parents went home and said the high-rise building that is worth

 10 meters from ours, rockets hit ... ..

 In general fear

 And infinity.  we teamed up with neighbors.  We are sitting in the house, there are 15 of us.  as long as there is electricity.  many houses do not.  many parents are aged, or sick who are afraid to go somewhere.  or they realize they can't make it through the trip.  you know, Anya, I recently looked at the pictures, and noticed how the expression of my eyes has changed, now I will send it.  this is my friend Yarik, the son of neighbors.  we try to distract him, play.  he became my best friend.

 I don't know how to explain everything to him.  nothing, hopefully it will be over soon.  anyway.

Hello all

Another day

Here is another testimony by Alisa:

Oh my God!!!!!Anyuta, we left!  Let's go to Lviv!

 It hasn't worked for several days.

 Either there are no places in the cars to leave, then there is no gasoline, then something is canceled, then something else is not thankful to God.

 We crammed into the train miraculously.  Arrived early, did not believe that it would be possible.  So many people I already know didn't make it.

 There are fewer people than in the early days.  Everyone is afraid or disappointed that they can leave.  There is confusion at the station, no one knows anything, but somehow it works.

 There was an unpleasant situation, I do not want to tell.

 But we did it!

 There are four people on the reserved seat.  Very crowded, but at least you go.

 They promised that the trains would not be fired upon.  We hope so.

 And then our friends left yesterday by car, we had to return because of the shooting.

 And last night they fired terribly under the windows.  We arrived two hours before departure, got seats.

 Women and children are allowed in first of all, but the turmoil is certainly terrible.

 People are sitting in the corridor.  I'm sitting in the hallway, it's blowing scary)

 Mom is on the shelf.  She has already found a friend.  The people are amazing.  Help, treat with what is.

 But the main thing is that we are going.  Got out of Kharkov.  I don't know when I'll be back in my hometown.  I will write as soon as we arrive in Lviv.

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