03/03 update from Ukraine

Hello All

Here is a testimony by Lina, a member of the movement from Kharkiv:

Seventh day.

 We don't know what date it is today, what day of the week it is.  But we know exactly what day of the war.

 Our city is unlikely to return to its former form.  It is unlikely that we will live in the same world.

 We will never return to that conditional February 23, when we still had plans, worries, and other problems.

 Now there is only a dream for it to end.  You watch the news of the city and the world already without emotions.  You just take note that another air raid and it's time to hide.  That the shell hit another hospital.

 It remains only the desire to help those who are near.  And hope to escape.  The desire to be alive for at least the next hour.

 You see your city turn into ruins.  How people suffer.  It's hard to feel.

 We will think about what is happening to us mentally - only later.  When it's all over.

 Now you can only act.  We do what we can.  And as it turned out, we are much stronger than we could be.

We keep on doing our best

During today we have succeeded to send money and food to many people

We keep on checking what do they need

We are doing our best to help everybody that asks. Many are calling regarding family, loved ones and friends. The type of help we are giving is changing. It can be helping finding people, helping those who can not mobilize by themselves to go to the train or to find a better shelter. We do the best we can

Your help and support is priceless

Together the shomeric community and the wide circles around it can make a significant impact!!

Chizku ve Imtzu!

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