03/01 Update from Ukraine


Another terrible day

Kharkiv was heavily bombarded and we all worry about what will happen tonight in Kiev.

Our people keep on distributing money, food and medicine.

We hear from our people that things are tough but they keep their spirit high.

We are buying supplies and collect blankets and coats.

Our Austrian and Hungarian members are working hard to collect goods and we are buying Generators food and medicine to send into Ukraine

Your help is amazing and with your support we are able to keep on working!!

Here is a pic from Vienna where our chaverin*ot are orginaizing donations to be shipped.

The fundraising campaigns continue.

Chazak ve Ematz

Here is a report from our Valera in Kharkiv

  For a whole hour, the air raid siren did not allow me to concentrate and begin to describe the day.  A day that seems so long... First of all, because of the saturation of events and news in: your refuge, city, country, world, negotiations...

 As expected, our defense forces cleared most of the streets during the night from the remaining terrorists who slipped into the city yesterday morning.  But not all yet.  Sad fact, we lost school building #134.  It burned to the ground, captured from this school 0. This is not cruelty, it's just that these empty-headed warriors do not understand that if they surrender, they will not be sent to concentration camps.  The curfew was lifted at 8:00, but there was a big minus; the new one started at 15:00.  And that means you have to go shopping!  We talked with a friend, logistics and supplies of food, water leave much to be desired.  Plus, I also wanted to buy supplies for other Shomerovites and then somehow try to fold the sets and deliver them.  The war plan for resources was lost immediately.  There are 5 liters of gasoline in the car, gas stations operating in the region of 0!  The shopping range is very small.  We went to look for luck to find a working store.  ANY!  We immediately went to a large supermarket in the hope that it was working, by the way, school # 134 on the same street.  Approaching, the first shock from the battles and bombings is not from video and messages, but live.  We saw a civilian car shot yesterday with a driver inside.  On the second day, next to the supermarket, when a shell hit the house on my street, another one fell and then, and we lost electricity, there is a tower of a large highway.  Probably since that day, some person lies dead, Right outside the entrance to the supermarket in which there is a queue.  But it's closed.  People just hope they open it.  2 different days, 2 different deaths.  1st place.  Kharkiv, Kievskaya metro station.  We left to look for another one.  After 5 minutes, we realized that we needed to look for another one in which the queue was shorter, not by 2 hours, but at least 1. After waiting 1 hour, we bought: sauces, sugar, tea / coffee, water, a few peas, cookies instead of bread☺️ Rice  for sushi, instead of the usual, although during the war, probably there is no difference in it 🤷🏻‍♂️ In principle, there are no basic products for cooking or suitable for storage.  We bought something that would somehow come in handy now and went home.  While driving, a siren was heard, explosions in other parts of the city.  I didn't know then that what we heard was a war crime!!!  Having received time, I began to watch the information, and there was a video of the shelling of a residential area around which there was NO MILITARY INFRASTRUCTURE.  How?  MLRS "Smerch".  Do you know the difference with the Grad MLRS?  The range is 110 km and they can be loaded with cluster bombs (prohibited by the Geneva Convention), which, when hit, cover a huge area and the main goal of such an attack is to defeat the enemy’s manpower with many fragments that scatter.  An enemy who, after yesterday's whole day of curfew, went today to fetch water in the yard and go to the store for bread!  11 dead were confirmed, this is only among the wounded who were brought to the hospital.  The number of people left on the street and in the houses who suffered was not even counted yet, and these are dozens of people.  Why did I write about the distance of 110 km?  The operators of this installation will never come to Kharkiv and will not visit school #134.  These terrorists will remain hiding on the territory of the Russian Federation.  Their place in the Hague Tribunal!!!

 In hospitals, by the way, too, there is a problem with food and water, after yesterday's doctors, they are asking for help with this.  One of the well-known things that the City Hall does is supply bread and water to the metro stations, which is a refuge and there are a lot of people.  Don't you need to go to the hospital?  Mayor?  Hello!

 At the same time, while I was reading about the shelling, the president was signing an application for joining the European Union!  The consciousness of Europeans and their politicians, judging by the mass rallies that take place in your capitals and cities, is noticeably changing in favor of Ukraine.  Shield and sword, in the fight against the empire of terror and lies.

 Money, weapons, FIGHTERS!  EVEN SWITZERLAND, CARL!  A country that was neutral to everyone in the first and second world war, joined the action against Russia!  We see your support!  THANKS!  You are a peaceful part of a new story!  We make it the whole world!

 Negotiation?  I think they did not end with anything specific, because 5 hours have passed since its end, and I can hear the siren right now.  5th day of the war.  We stand.  terrorists CANNOT do anything with a metropolis 40 km from their border.  And with Kiev, they can’t do anything either.  While the president was writing, I did not vote for him, but now I probably will.  Man.  Read the names.  Titles "Hero of Ukraine"!  And a list of a dozen "Avengers" Most of the fighter pilots - posthumously ... A couple of generals, for the successful defense of Kharkov, Mariupol and Kyiv.  This is the military part of history!  If we had been captured in 72 hours as they wanted, nothing would have happened.

 Plans for tomorrow?  Wake up, it's hard to build more)

 Glory to Ukraine!

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