02/27 Ukraine Update


Hear the story of Valera a member of Hashomer Hatzair Kharkiv

If I were asked to write a story yesterday, I would write a lot about the shelter, civilians, and the most powerful bombing in these three days ... Funny fact, sometimes you hardly understand what day of the week or date, but you know for sure that today was the 4th.  The 4th day of the war, in which our Army stands on most lines and resists like Will Smith in Die Hard, against the evil terrorists!  The plans for the day were to realize the money that was sent to us in support from A-shomer, who supports us all over the world and to buy food that many people run out of, autonomous lamps if we lose electricity again from the bombings, but at least the stores worked the previous days and  had a chance to buy everything!  BUT!  The day started right away not the way everyone wants, not peacefully (I just woke up and immediately got on the videos and messages published in those seconds! THE RUSSIANS ENTERED THE CITY!  driving along the outskirts, and then a video of them climbing a hill to the city center along a road that is literally 300 meters from my house in a straight line on foot.And FAKE NEWS that the brigade defending the city surrendered, and 471 soldiers were taken prisoner.At first, shock, regret  that I still don’t have a machine gun and just waiting for information that this message is false! And it turned out, because OURS DO NOT GIVE UP! Having connections in the local defense, I quickly received information in the right chat that they stopped the main part of this column with artillery,  and this small group, on fast-moving armored vehicles "Tiger" (those who understand will understand) and a couple of KAMAZ trucks with infantry, slipped into the dwelling areas in which artillery could no longer work.  meet them in the city, localize and smash / captivate.  Further events developed as in a comedy.  The situation is funny, the events are terrible.  Having reached the center and other parts of the city, this group dispersed in different directions, lost their bearings in an unfamiliar city, and in some places they simply drove in circles in the same area, not understanding how to get out of it, because the yards and houses are all the same.  I am a local resident sometimes I get lost when I find myself in those quarters, and even more so, having huddled in small groups, they realized the gravity of their situation, that there were disgruntled civilians around, and there were no military men anywhere.  Dismounting and advancing slowly, they approached the inevitable clash with the defense of the city, which, in half an hour of their stay in the city, received information from local residents in chats, where absolutely all of their cars, in what quantity, etc.  someone died immediately, someone preferred captivity, someone disappeared into the city to hide before dark.  It was for the latter reason that our plans to purchase were violated, the commandant's office of the city imposed a curfew until the morning of the next day, prohibiting any movement in the city for civilians.  A few hours later, interrogations of prisoners began to appear.  Young guys, more than half of which are under 25, green, no experience.  To the question: "What did you do and what was the task?"  - Bashfully bowing their heads, they say "Ride directly behind the commander in the column."  Later, a video appeared with men from the defense, reservists: 30-40 years old, the experience of the war in Afghanistan under the USSR or in the Donbas over the past 8 years, men who know their job.  Of all this group that entered the city, a real battle began only in the evening at 15 soldiers who hid in an empty school and refused to surrender.  The school eventually burned down.  You know with whom.  In my opinion, only terrorists are destroyed in this way.  Realizing that those who hid in the basements and who were not immediately found would come out in the evening, the townspeople were warned to be careful.  And a coincidence!  Even to my close friend who lives in another area on the first floor, they shyly knocked on the window and asked for food and to tell where they were, who would you think.  3 Russian soldiers.  In a short dialogue, they said that the weapons had long been dropped somewhere on the street and they just want to eat.  The offer to surrender was timidly refused.  Probably propaganda in the head that we have neo-fascists on the streets is strongly sitting in the head.  The Internet is full of examples of humane treatment of prisoners.

 And this is just the territorial defense of the city.  And not regular army soldiers through whom they were ALLOWED to pass, stretch the guys in the city out of boredom.  In Africa, this is called a safari.  As a result, the day without a strong bombing, although there was one, ended with the first action from a past life these days: watching the Chelsea-Liverpool match, drinking a glass of wine, and in honor of a year old cousin from Canada, recently bought in Georgia, a friendly country to us  , but alas, not its government, refusing to impose any sanctions against the Russian Federation.  Despite the rallies and flying to Europe, the Georgian Legion, consisting of hundreds of brothers, ready to fight on our side, will help us.  Together with our men... Against the youth from the Russian Federation.  The strongest army in the world...

 Can this circus be enough?  And attacks in the style of "banzai" along the roads near the cities of Ukraine, which has already cost the Russian army the lives of 5,000 soldiers and dozens of civilians killed in our country?!

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