Mosh Love Story: Yahel Ben-Zvi and His Plants

This year, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we are bringing to you a true Mosh Love Story between Yahel and his Plants :
“Hi everyone, my name is Yahel Ben-Zvi and I am in Kvutzat Kfar Menachem. I have a double Bachelors in Plant Science and Entomology, and I am currently getting my PhD in Entomology. My love for plants and bugs all started many years ago at mosh when I visited blueberry island on our lake for the first time. I remember seeing all of those blueberries and it was so lovely and cool. It’s what made me start appreciating the beauty and uniqueness in all different kinds of plants and bugs that I found there. Sometimes, my love for plants gets too strong and I get upset while eating salad. I have to remind myself that it’s okay…
I want to thank our beautiful moshava for teaching me how to connect with nature and helping me find my passion in life.” - Yahel Ben-Zvi

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