Yachad for Ukraine

5/1 Update: We've surpassed $40,000!! Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far - please continue to help spread the news about this and raise funds. We are continuing to support Ukrainians - direct aid to Shomrimot, as well as food banks, kindergartens, and supplies to other Ukrainians! Check out our Yachad for Ukraine blog for daily updates.


  • Mimi Wolf

    Chazak Ve’Ematz!

  • Sharon Ben-Meir

    Chazak Ve’ Ematz. May you be safe.

  • David Appel

    Chazak v’ematz!

  • Tzemah Yoreh

    Stay safe, chizku ve-imtzu!

  • Yehuda Reisman

    Chazak Ve’Ematz!

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