We've surpassed our goal!!

When we started fundraising for Ukrainian Shomrimot, we set ourselves a goal of $10,000. Since then, we've seen our community come together to help others in an amazing way, and we're so happy to say that we've surpassed the goal, and have raised $15,000!

Here are some words from Katya, based in Kharkiv: 

In the past few days thank to the fundraising campaigns that are running now in Austria, USA and Israel and with the help of many of the people that are members of this update group, we where able to do some significant things. We have bought generators, we have opened food distribution centers and we have helped numerous people.

The Shomeric companionship and the general kind help of many people astonish us and brings hope to many people in Ukraine.

We have rented few apartments and helped preparing safe places for people to hide and to find refuge. We continue, all steam a head. We are currently looking for more ways to help and we struggle to find more money and more ways to bring cash into the bombarded cities

The Ukrainian people are brave, humble and generous. We witness great stories of kindness and hope. Your help is appreciated by many and that fact people care is priceless

Chisku ve Imtzu!!

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