Spotlight: Shai Har-Nov

Introducing Shai Har-Nov, our co-Mazkira (along with Eilam Ben-Zvi)! Shai has grown up as a chanicha in the movement, went on Yedid, and was a madricha. Learn more about her: 
Tell us a bit about yourself: 
  • Although I officially joined Hashomer in the summer of 2016 as a tzofim chanicha, I did come for one week back in 2010. Since 2016, I went on the next year to go on yedid! I even extended my time on Yedid because I wasn't signed up for the whole trip (tip: always sign up for the whole trip). Starting in 2018, I've been a madricha every summer since, and am very excited to see how our mosh continues to evolve as new people age into hadracha.
How have you grown from Hashomer Hatzair? 
  • Something I learned from growing up in Hashomer Hatzair is how important human connection is. Being part of a kvutza made me feel like I had a permanent support system, even though I lived in a completely different state than everyone else. Seeing the people I love every summer is one of my favorite things.
What is your favorite Mosh memory? 
  • While it's extremely difficult to choose only one mosh memory, I think I'll combine it into one idea: make fun of your madrichim peula. I love to see how my kids pick up on my weird habits and things I do around them that I'm not even aware of. Sometimes, they're scary accurate. Other times, it makes you wonder how well your kids really know you. Always keeps you on your toes, that peula.
What's your favorite Shira song? 
  • My current favorite shira song is "shame and scandal in the family" because I have recently discovered that my parents sang a Hebrew version of it at their hashomer kens in Israel when they were kids, so that connection is very cool!
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