Spotlight: Maya Harel

Maya has been in the movement since 2010, and is still going strong! After going on Yedid in 2017 and being a Madricha for 3 years, she will be Rosh Mosh this summer!! Read about what Shomria means to her below.

What is your most memorable Hashomer experience? 

  • One of my most memorable experiences at mosh was leading TzG on the Delaware canoe trip! We all had so much fun and the kids wanted to canoe as much as possible (even though they didn’t put on sunscreen as much as I told them to!). I remember specifically one night we made a big pot of pasta for dinner and Yazzy "oddsed" a camper to eat all of the leftover pasta and he lost and he just sat there eating a ton of pasta. Of course we didn’t force him to eat all of it but the whole Kvutza got really into it and helped him finish.

How have you grown from Hashomer Hatzair?

  • I have grown immensely from Hashomer, i think there are two primary buckets of growth for me: critical thinking and community building. Mosh has taught me how to tackle all kinds of issues, delving deep into educating myself & those around me and asking questions that allow you to form your own opinions. In terms of community, mosh’s community strength has taught me the importance of community and how to grown community around you.

What are you up to these days?

  • I'm a rising third year student at Northeastern University studying Political Science and Communications. This summer I will be Rosh Mosh!!

Any advice to current Shomrimot?

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone in the movement! We all want to help and support each other in any way we can.

When I think of campfires, I am reminded of Shomria!

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