Spotlight: Eilam Ben-Zvi

Introducing Eilam Ben-Zvi, our co-Mazkir (along with Shai Har-Nov). He has been at Mosh since he was 9 years old and now is Mazkir! Read more about him below: 

Eilam sitting on the shomria soccer field
Eilam at Shomria during Mifkad

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

  • I have been chanich at Camp Shomria since I joined in Chalutzim Pre-Alef, which was the name of Minimosh back in 2013, up until my hazy 2020 kibbutzi year where I transitioned over to hadracha without yedid and went on to become one of the three Roshei Ken USA in a virtual mosh world. Since I've got one summer of hadracha under my belt and can't wait to start the next!

What's your favorite Mosh Memory? 

  • This is a particularly hard one because there are very many great Mosh memories swirling around in my brain, but the one that stands out is when my kvutza and I spent a solid 40 minutes chasing each other around trying to get a giant teddy bear which we had named Elton Beep.

What have you learned from growing up in Hashomer Hatzair? 

  • One of the most important things I've learned from Hashomer Hatzair in my opinion is the concept of critical thinking. The ability to hold my own opinions, to try to understand several facets of a topic before jumping to a conclusion, and the willingness to question some of my already-set ideas, is something to be cherished and practiced.

What's your favorite shira song? 

  • My favorite shira song is one called "Show Me the Way to My Home" because not only is it a sweet song, but I really like that it is sung in different languages and ways, teaching people new words and phrases, even when the song is not in regular English.


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