Shomeric Light: Jordan Saltz

As part of our Hanukkah celebration, we are highlighting different members of our community who have been beacons of light in the past year. 

On this second night of Hanukkah, we highlight Jordan Saltz, a superstar Chanich! He's been at Shomria since MiniMosh, along with his sibling and cousins, and grew up in a Hashomer family. This past summer he received his chultza shomrit along with his kvutza.

Jordan at Mosh

What makes you excited about your role here?

  • What makes me excited is I enjoy playing outside with friends and I like to go and stay outside for hours.

What is your favorite Mosh memory?

  • My favorite memory is probably mifkad esh when I took the oath and got my chultza. 

How did growing up in this youth movement impact you?

  • Growing up in this movement has been fun because I learned that kindness goes a long way. Also my mom was a part of this movement and now a lot of my family has become part of this movement.

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