Peulat Avoda 2022 Recap

Dear Bogrim/ot of Hashomer Hatzair USA,

Last year I drove up to Mosh for a weekend of, what I thought would be, lots of cleaning, planting and general sprucing up. And it was.  

What I didn't expect "Peulat Avodah" to be was AMAZING!

Here's what I did when I wasn't cleaning/fixing/sprucing:

  • Reconnected with people from my kvutzah.
  • Met amazing people who were at Mosh at totally different times than I was.
  • Finally got to see "Mother Dragon" while taking a very cool tiyul. 
  • Was mesmerized by an awesome campfire, sang songs ranging from The Beatles to Michael Jackson to Israeli Folk Songs...for 5 hours!
  • RIKUD with a whole lot of Ruach on Friday night! We danced to Salty Dog Rag, Pata Pata, traditional Israeli folk dances and then some contemporary Israeli rap stuff that I think could get seriously injured if I try that again! 
  • Walked through a forest of ferns and remembered how we used to put white sheets on our beds for Shabbat, and would then lay a few ferns across the sheets.
  • Picked wildflowers on Lake Marie Road and then put them in those semi-clear, hard plastic drinking glasses to pretty-up the dinner tables. 
  • Ate delicious/healthy home-cooked meals.
  • Had S'mores around the campfire (okay, not so healthy, but oh so good!)
  • Slept in my flannel sleeping bag and awoke to the sounds of birds singing. I'm serious.
  • Contemplated life while sitting on the steps of the CHED with my morning coffee. 

Can't wait to do it all over again this May 5-7th.

And if you didn't make it this past year, you have an open invitation to make the pilgrimage next year, I'd love to see you.You can find the registration form here!

Jaime Friedenberg Echt


Mosh 78/79

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