Or's Goodbye Letter

Rosh Hashana is coming upon us, celebrating the beginning of the new Jewish year.

In Hebrew, the word Shana comes from the three letters, Shin, Nun, and Heah. These letters could be the word Shina which means Change and the word Shana which means repeat.

These two meanings of what Nature and a person's life are all about - Rituals, Nature cycle, and change.

Each year we choose what we would like to keep and do again, and what we'd like to change.

For me, this is a year of yet another change.

My Role as Educational Shlicha has come to an end.

I will continue to be part of this wonderful and powerful community, only this time as Assaf's wife, Peleg, Kama, and Adam's mother, and as an active and caring person.

This past year was an incredible experience where I got to know a caring, innovative, creative and loving community.

I worked mostly with devoted Hadracha members, creating together educational structures and content that meet our ideology and empower our youth.

I'd like to thank you all: madrichimot, chanichimot, parents, board members, alumni, and every person I met, for welcoming me here and opening their hearts and mind, introducing me, explaining, and listening.

I hope this new year will bring change on one hand and strengthen the existing on the other.

Will see you all soon at Mosh and other community events.

Shana Tova!

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