Message from Hashomer Hatzair Ukraine

The Hashomer Hatzair World Movement has Kenim in 27 countries around the world, including in Ukraine. Whether or not you personally know Shomrimot in Ukraine, we are all bound together as fellow members of this movement. We stand against all imperialist warfare and aggression, including this invasion on the Ukranian people. Our thoughts go out to our friends in the T'nuah there. Below the message, you can find a way to stay involved and connected with Shomrimot based in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Here is a message from Hashomer Hatzair Ukraine, 2/24/22:

 Shomrimot Chazak!

As you have probably heard, Ukraine is under attack from Russia

Our movement has a number of Kenim and hundreds of Shomrot and Shomrim are active in Ukraine. The movement's largest Ken is in the city of Kharkiv, a city in eastern Ukraine that was among the first to meet Russian forces.

At the moment the confusion is great and it is still not clear what is expected of citizens in the coming days. There are a number of dangers, both from the Russian military, from pro-Russian militias and from the anarchy developing in the country (the President of Ukraine called on every citizen to take up arms and repealed the laws relating to the possession of weapons by private individuals).

At this time we're offering accommodation and food to every Chanich*a and their family who are interested in it, both in Poland and in western Ukraine. The European Kenim across the continent are preparing to host any Shomer*et who manages to cross the border and reach a safe shore.

It is currently not possible to leave the big cities, so those who have already left, have received an answer and those who are still in the cities, will have to wait for an opportunity during which they will be able to leave the city.

Anna our coordinator for Russian-speaking countries, coordinates all the requests coming from our brothers and sisters and we try to be attentive and relevant to each and every one of them.

Chazak ve Ematz!

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