Meet the 23-24 Year Round Hanhaga!

We are so excited to introduce the 23-24 Year Round Hanhaga (Leading Team)!


Mazkirim: Omer and Yuval Nathaniel

Who are these two dashing young lads pictured to the side you may be asking? These two guys are Yuval and Omer Nathaniel, (brothers not spouses). They first came to Camp Shomria in 2016 and have come back every summer since. Yuval has been on the Hanhaga (Leadership Team) and Omer has been Rosh Ken (Head of Hashomer activities in New Jersey). After being Roshei Tarbut (Heads of Activity Planning) together this past summer, they’re stepping into the role of Mazkirim. Although they will always stay Jersey boys at heart, they have moved to Brooklyn since becoming maskirim and are working to create a Hashomer Bayit. They have big dreams to help make mosh the best it can be and to bring the magic of the summer into the year-round events. Yuval and Omer hold the ideals of youth empowerment and socialism very close to heart. 

Omer loves playing guitar and writing songs.

Yuval has completed more than 1400 expert-level Sudoku puzzles

Rosh Ken: Ahuva Mahalel

Hi parents, chanichim, and friends! My name is Ahuva Mahalel, and I’m very excited to be Rosh Ken for the 2023-2024 school year. I am currently a Senior in High School (hard to believe), and approaching my second year of Hadracha. I’ve lived in Morningside Heights/Upper West Side for the past 16 years, and I attend school in the Lower East Side; fair to say I’m a well-rounded New Yorker. As a chanicha, I attended various  New York kenim, weekend camps, and seminars, all of which were memorable and formative experiences for me. I’m looking forward to running Peulot for Chalutzim and Tzofim, and hope to recreate meaningful, educational, and fun experiences  throughout the school year. We have many fun events planned, including picnics, parties, ice skating, apple picking, and community outreach events. 

 Looking forward to meeting you all!

Chazak Ve’ematz

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