Introducing Roni Ziv, Camp Director

As Summer '22 comes to a close, Lior is leaving the role of Camp Director. Stepping up for this tafkid is Roni Ziv, who has grown up in the movement. She was Rosh Ken in Tenafly and Rosh Chinuch. Roni has spent the last 5 years in Israel as a social worker in the IDF, and is returning to the US and to the Hashomer Hatzair USA community! We are so excited to have her on board, learn more here. 

Dear Camp Shomria family, 

I would like to first and foremost say how excited and heartwarming it feels to be back at my home away from home! I have been going to Camp every summer since 2009, when I was just 10 years old. Every summer, every ken, every peula throughout the years has been such an important part of my childhood and young adulthood. This community, the experiences I had as a chanicha and a madricha, taught me so much about the type of person I want to be in this world. It’s hard to put into words just how special this place is, which is why I feel so passionate about returning to it in this new role where I have the opportunity to influence and nurture its growth. Lior, the past Camp Director, has done such an incredible job bringing this community together with new creative and influential ideas. I hope to continue in her innovative energy and find new ways to improve and grow our community. As someone who has experienced being in different roles in this movement as a high schooler, something that is extremely important to me is making sure our hadracha and hanaga feel loved and supported so they can continue to make the real magic of mosh happen throughout the year and during the summer. In general, I hope to be a presence that everyone in our community - hadracha, chanichimot, alumni, and parents feel like they can lean on.


I would like to thank the Hashomer Hatzair Board and our incredible Shlichim for trusting me and giving me this opportunity. I look forward to meeting everyone in this new capacity and hearing your thoughts about our community! Please do not hesitate to reach out!

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