Hashomer Hatzair North America Statement on the Attacks in Hawara

Statement from Hashomer Hatzair North America on the Attacks in Hawara 

Hashomer Hatzair North America condemns the recent violent attacks perpetrated by illegal Israeli settlers in Hawara, West Bank. After a Palestinian man fatally shot two Israelis, settlers rampaged  through the occupied village of Hawara, injuring, displacing, and murdering innocent civilians. This response to the tragic murder of the Israelis was unjust, cruel, and unnecessarily escalated tensions in the West Bank. The settlers’ continuing attacks on Hawara should not be seen as an isolated incident, as they reflect over 50 years of Israel’s military occupation and are the culmination of decades of expanding illegal settlements. The current right-wing coalition government has perpetuated this human rights disaster by protecting, enabling, and encouraging the reprehensible actions of settlers. It is vital that we do not lose sight of the injustices of the occupation and treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank while we condemn the government's proposed changes to Israel's system of justice.

We call upon the Israeli government, the Palestinian Authority, and all parties involved to take swift and decisive action to prevent further violence and to support the efforts of those working towards a peaceful and just resolution to the occupation. Furthermore, we call upon the Israeli judicial system to work within the framework of equal justice under the law and hold attacks committed by Palestinians and Israeli settlers to the same standard. Hashomer Hatzair North America condemns the Israeli government for its support of illegal settlers and its ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories. Our hearts break for those suffering under realities of the occupation and we stand in solidarity with the people of Hawara. 

Chazak ve Ematz,

Shelly Ben Dor, Roni Shaham, Halley Simenhoff and Caelen Leizer-Romalis

North American Mazkirimot

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